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A little creative inspiration

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They who drink beer will think beer.

Washington Irving


Frozen in time.

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Rome has not seen a modern building in more than half a century.
It is a city frozen in time.
– Richard Meier

My paintings are done and drying

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Just trying to make it to the end

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I’m just trying to finish a couple of paintings for an up coming show.

I have the frames picked out and dates set for framing.

This week will be the hardest part in order to meet the deadline.

I need to schedule in some drying time for these paintings,

they will not frame any paintings that are wet.

Silly…I’ve hung paintings in galleries…still wet.

I believe I finished one of the painting on Sunday.

Monday went okay a lot of busy work and strategizing.

Tuesday added the ropes along the rails.

Wednesday worked on the water…intense study.

Thursday have my doubts about the painting.

Friday TGIF off early plan to paint.

Saturday last day to work on painting in theory.

Sun-Mon-drying time.

tuesday drop off to be framed.

friday pick up.

saturday drop off at Art Museum to be judged.





Blood moon

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