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He was a dandy, an eccentric, and argumentative.

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I like reading about artists especially when the writer can kind of reveal their unique sort of personalities. This is an excerpts from an old paperback book I fell upon called Sargent, Whistler and Mary Cassatt by Frederick A. Sweet.

John Singer Sargent was a great raconteur and always delighted his sitters as well as his dinner hostesses with his charming manner and ingratiating conversation.

James McNeill Whistler was equally fond of dining out but drove his hostess to distraction by arriving an hour late or engaging in a near brawl with a fellow guest. He was a wit with the sharpest of tongues, a dandy, an eccentric, an argumentative, impractical, conceited and clever sort of genius.

Mary Cassatt was also a brilliant talker, in fact talked incessantly, loved to argue, was very opinionated, stubborn, quick to anger but soon forgot what she had been angry about. She liked the company of men and discussion of politics. She did not care for formal society even though she herself belong to it and maintained all the appurtenances fo gracious living. She had strong opinions about art, artists and collectors and expressed herself freely and often violently on the subject.

These sound like some people I know artists and non artists. stereotypical or is it just our human nature?
Reminds me of a saying…

Beware of artists

They mix with all classes
of society and are therefore
the most dangerous.

Painting it real or ideal

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Now the agony or rather the journey of painting begins.

Making hay with words.

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Making hay with words.

Sitting here painting enormously absorbed.

Detail is my essential preoccupation.

As I investigate my progress I see I am far from finished and the further I get the less done it looks.

But importantly I have to make sure I don’t over paint it.

I think I need a break and a beverage.

We made it through the Polar Vortex. How’s the weather doing on your half?

Last week it was -40 degrees F and today it was 40 degrees.

Tomorrow we have a winter storm warning from 7:00am-12:00pm with possible blizzard conditions but not until after I get to work.

We call this winter here hey:)

The cross-country ski’s are ready.

I know I should be thinking about getting this painting done but I like to think skiing is part of my creative process.

We went skiing two weekends ago.

The timing was perfect right before the deep freeze.

While we were getting our ski’s on we saw the tail end of four deer pass before us about 25 yards away.

Nature at it’s best.

13 Things I learned in 2013

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1)I love doing something quiet that the brain can focus on.

2)Pulling a deer out of the woods is a lot of work.

3)What POTUS means.

4)#1 U.S. export to China is scrap and trash.

5)When to use a pitching wedge.

6)How proud I was to see my kids on cross-country skis.

7)50% of the world population is illiterate.

8)It is always the red wire that they cut.

9)80% of Muslim do not speak Arabic.

10)Obama care consists of 2,700 pages both sides.

11)The Bible will be translated in every language in 2016.

12)The Packers still have a chance at the Super bowl.

13)why I call work Ninevah sometimes.