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Galleries set the stage with food, wine and music.

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Galleries set the stage with food, wine and music. Inviting the public to participate as special guests as they mingle, engage in conversations and share ideas. And of course…meet the artist.
It’s a funny thing all the time and work it takes for artists to line up a show that when it comes down to attending the opening reception it’s a sudden…dreaded obligation. Personally I could never get comfortable with just hanging around and mingling with my family much less with a bunch strangers and I consider myself seasoned. The questions? Like what does one say at these things? What does one do? How does one look? If I dress modern I should have dressed more retro and if I dressed retro I should have played it safe with contemporary. At my last show I saw that we had some commonality of wearing tweed referring to the other artist that shared my show so I was thinking I was safe.  

Most artists that I encountered defy the stereotype that we know as unsocial and are usually eager to talk about their work and themselves as they stand in the fore front. I am so stereotypical when it comes to talking about my art. I can talk about anything even the weather for hours but when it comes to my work which I’m passionate about I’m short, succinct and all preparedness is nowhere to be found.So I was reading about some artists that go to great lengths of being late, or not showing up at all and or last having someone else show up in place of them. My first thought was why didn’t I think of that. I have to admit I was a half  hour late for my show only because a bridge was out and the road was under construction so I had to take a detour in a city that I’m not too familiar with anymore. Did I mention it was also raining. The other artist was fashionably late an hour. 

Most importantly what I discovered was that no one buys anything unless they have an emotional connection to it and that I’m the one that needs to make that connection happen for them. So some where and some how? I need to work on getting my passion across to the viewer and forget about sounding esoteric or elite.More often than not people want to see the artist only a few want to talk to them.
I want to conclude by saying I must have done something right aside from showing up because in the end I had finalized a couple of sales during my Danceworks showing in october 09.

I always enjoy a good mystery.

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       Okay I was procrastinating and painting up to the last-minute until I had to pick up my son from preschool finally as I’m flying out the door I realize I can’t find the car keys. Now I always keep my keys in my purse but today we switched cars and one of the two sets of keys that we made broke so we are sharing one key until we get another one made.  So the key is not in my purse or on the key rack…where it always is.  It’s not on the island, the peninsula, the computer table or my daughters detective drawer. Now this is a desk drawer that my daughter secretly store things from time to time I have found many things Wal-Mart cards, Q-tips, money, jewelry and empty candy wrappers I was thinking and hoping it was a sure place but not this time 

 So in a panic I call my husband at work and ask do you have the car keys? Do you know where they are? Knowing that if my husband had the keys it wouldn’t have helped the situation anyways because he was a bit of a trout away. In bewilderment I said okay I’ll let you go. What are you going to do he asks? Calculating it was too far to walk there the only thing I can do call Mom. Not a hard choice just an embarrassing one. 

So next I call Mom and her line is busy I call again and busy still. So I call my sister who is staying with Mom at this time. Is Mom on the phone? Yes. I’ll have her call you back. No… I need to talk to her right away.  So I can hear in the background and she’s trying to wrap it up but still keeps talking so I ask my sister to talk to this other person whom we both know just for a while so I can tell Mom of my predicament.  As I quickly tell my story she says that my niece is here too. Great! Can she go pick up my son at school for me? I don’t see why not.

I make the necessary phone calls arrange everything and a half hour later my son gets a ride home. Words and thoughts are exchanged and my niece explains why she is home and confesses of being under a lot of stress about something and so we talk for a while and I listen.  

Not long after my husband suddenly arrives home probably because of something I said. Together we search the whole house from top to bottom and as we are looking we are trying to recall who drove the car last, where did we go lately and basically trying to decide who’s at fault here. I know we’re terrible. Our search was futile no key found.

Although were befuddled we still have one last hope our daughter who is still at school. We pick her up and on the way home ask the proverbial question. Did you take the keys? She responds positively with yes I seen those keys. I’ve never seen her bee line to anything so fast and so sure. I was so relieved and silent all I could say was awesome. How they got there I didn’t care. What was important was the mystery was solved. I always enjoy a good mystery.

Looking back before taking that leaping forward.

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    As a passionate or most times obsessed artist I always have to reflect back on what I painted in the past and relate it to what’s on my plate now.  I earnestly try to strive for a higher level of execution or thought. Having said that  I still believe that ‘ I myself do nothing the holy spirit accomplishes all through me.’ William Blake. I went back to 2010 in an earlier blog but felt the need to go back one more year to 2009. Great things happened that year sometimes it never hurts to relive and relearn. I started the year out working on some portraitures. My top 10 for 2009. 

1)   Oil painting portrait 24″ x 36″  ‘Deana and Reid’

2)   Oil painting portrait 24″ x 30″  ‘Jeff and Gloria’

3)   I lined up an art show at  ‘ The Dance Works gallery’ 

4)   Grava gallery: put on display “Layla” throughout the summer.

5)   Co-written and published 1st e-book.

6)   Finished a nude figure painting in oils 30″ x 40″ for sale $2,500.

7)   Worked on series for up coming show: Started (2) large  paintings 24″ x 30″ called soul-searching and finished up the 11″ x 14″ smaller version of soul-searching.

8)   August/pool party at The lighthouse: Displayed and delivered portraitures.

9)   October: Gallery night opening at The Dance Works art gallery. 

10)  Flew to North Carolina for a wedding stayed at the Hilton. Took a lot of photographs plan to do a large painting of the boardwalk. I have new ideas about flying. Thank God it was only an hour flight! 


My top ten paintings a year in Review 2010

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1)    The year started out with the sale of two paintings at The Dance Works art  gallery. The show started in October and ran through the beginning of January.

2)  Reworked ‘The Lilly’


3)   Started taking my photography to a higher level.

4)   I started preparing for my artist video. Release date will be in 2011.

5)   I scheduled to do a speaking engagement at the local elementary school on career day. It was very enlightening.

6)   Displayed art work at The Smith Brothers Coffee shop in Port Washington.

7)   Also had work on display at The Last Drop of Coffee in Shorewood.

8)   Worked on getting the Zazzle store up and running.

8)   MIAD had an Art Sale for alumni/faculty/and students.

9)   Most important completion and delivery of portrait called ‘GRANNY’.

10) Started preparing three new canvases.