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Dillinger lives out back.

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This week after little attempt to discourage our newly arrived ground hog that moved in around back of our home to please leave we reversed our decision after hearing the pros in keeping him. He’s quite a handsome and lengthy little animal nothing compared to the rabbits, squirrels and chipmunk that habitat our back forty. There are dogs on all sides of us which should give us some comfort but they seem to not mind him or are oblivious to him as we were.

Its presence seemed so sudden and rudimentary as we notice a pile of dirt a yard long and a foot wide along the back of the house. Thinking to our selves what kind of animal could do that?!?  We have no idea when he arrived and even though we thought he might have gone it appears he is still here and liking it. How could our lives get so busy that we would missed such a creature walking back and forth to the garden. Now the cucumbers we had noticed something and were happy to share but obviously they didn’t particularly seem to like them from the sampling of a few and all tasting rather the same.  So as we sit here now watching him and evaluating the situation a name that is fitting was all that I could think of. He’ll be hibernating soon and in the spring if we make a bunch of noise like we always do he might then decide to leave on his own behalf. In the mean time I seen that someone put cauliflower on the grocery list.

Otherwise I want to say school is back in session and things have gone back to normal but one can never predict normal when change comes into effect. The freedoms that come with time seem to have some invisible strong holds that we have to battle amongst ourselves. Once won masterpieces will be made.


I call one cat Houdini because he never fails to get outside.

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I was up very early this morning not something I normally do but the cats kept me company even after I fed them. Very social animals always in the same room that we gravitate to. They are identical in color like a couple of bookends but not in nature.

We had talked about getting cats for Christmas one year under the condition that we wanted kittens and we wanted two so that they would keep each other company. I was thinking this was a big order to fill and unlikely to happen but it turned out a friend of mine gives me an ad for free kittens available for pick up on Christmas Eve. In disbelief  I call and there are two left  so I said I’ll take them. She says don’t you want to see them? I said no kittens are cute no matter what. So my husband picked them up late on Christmas eve and they stayed under the tree all night until morning and after Santa came.

One is named blue and the other bear although I wanted to call them Picasso and Pollack. I had a photographer friend who had two cats one was called Kodak and the other was Fuji. 

They keep the mouse population down don’t know where they find these mice but they get one every year. Were not sure who’s catching them but we suspect one over the other although they both get rewarded and praised.

I call one Houdini because he never wears his collar and he never fails to get outside.

They are also a couple of pack rats. They can scoop up a necklace and run downstairs before you know it. And hilarious to to see them grab a balloon with there teeth run trying to squeeze it through the cat door repeatedly forwards and then backwards until they make it or pop it. What else do they have downstairs?

 They communicate very well for cats loud at times like the rest of us. But don’t shed much. They are worth the 16lbs of cat food we buy every month for them. They are very thin stealthy cats and can put up a pretty mean fight between the two of them. They keep us informed with what is going on outside this house which is comforting. A chipmunk comes and talks to them every morning and some of the neighbors cats come to tease but that groundhog that moved in near by the other day has got them and me both worried.