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Full of adventure and kool-aid.

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 Photo by almostfinnish

It’s another scorching day here in Wisconsin. Bearable at best the shade is a must the breeze a blessing. The clouds at times look like a storm is coming but don’t amount to anything. We are trying not to run our air conditioner. This heat wave won”t last long and knowing were all in it together makes it not so bad and unversal.  These days  just remind me of when I was a kid. Hot breezy days full of adventure and kool-aid. With the cloud shadows rolling across the yard as the sun peeks in and out.


Procrastination love it or hate it.

Posted in art, Uncategorized on July 17, 2010 by almostfinnish

Today was suppose to be the hottest day of the week but because there was a nice continual breeze it was almost perfect outside. The trees swayed long and loud as the wind Russelled it’s leaves and branches drowning out all sound except for the frequent cicadas that let off a high pitch sound very nearby. The birds seemed quite social for a change. The temperature gage read 100 degrees but it’s in the direct sunlight. I sit here in the shade drinking ice tea. My kids are having a safari animal pool party. Everyone is getting wet even me. I am having a stress free day. For some reason the world doesn’t seem in such a bad place. For a moment I have a glimmer of hope and a sense of direction.

Although I seem to be having a bit of an artist block if you can call it an artist block? I had been working on finishing a painting and had even started another one just for some variety. And then out of the blue I just stopped painting. Time always seems to be the big issue with me first scheduling it and then using it wisely. Procrastination you have to love it or hate it. So it frustrates me now and I despise this struggle I go through every time to get back to work where I need be and painting.