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Summer meant lazy days of sleeping in, sun tanned from head to foot and dirty feet.

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Photo by almostfinnishWe had some really amazing days here. The temperatures reached up into the near 80’s and there was a warm zephyr that blew our hairs around in delight. And then there’s this smell of the earth rejuvenating you know that wet mosey damp soil smell that always wisps past us for that first time in a matter of seconds. For me it’s a nostalgic smell, a reminiscent smell, and a smell that keeps bringing me back to my youth. Most of my greatest memories are collected within a smell like the smell of lemons, gas cans, musty old basements, an old paperback book, foggy nights and with that hint of alewife in the air.

So I have been thinking about trying to tell my story as I remember it. It’s about a place and time. There are no antagonists and no sidewalks. Although we battle nature and growing up. There are some periphiral characters that seem to come to light as we tell the stories amongst ourselves.

More importantly along with writing I’ve stated a series of paintings originating and departing from some photographs taken during my recent return to the old farm house, duck pen, silo and the trees we sit under or swing from.

As a child I would lay in bed at night and a warm breeze would blow into the room and the shear curtains would slowly rise and fall. The lights outside would sometimes reflect on the curtains making them more white than ever. I would lay there wide awake, observant and listening to the quietness, maybe a cricket, a whippoorwill, a frog on occasion but my thoughts made me distant to all.  As my mind would wander an old familiar smell passed in front of me it was always sudden and it was always a surprise. Spring was here I wanted to remember this smell and this moment forever. It also brought on a longing as I remembered the anticipation and the excitement that was to come not only was it spring but that school too would soon be over.

When school was out it meant summer was about to begin.  Summer meant lazy days of sleeping in late, being sun tanned from head to foot and bare feet. Summer meant ice cream, watermelon and that smell of fresh cut grass. We would go to town occasionally for a trip but mostly it was long filled days of exploring through the woods and dragging along a red wagon, a coffee can or a butterfly net. We spontaneously created and built these things beyond our imaginations and never to be seen. Our life was of great adventure and our minds full of wonder and possibilites.