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Sometimes my sanity is more important than my art.

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I like to think I eat sleep and breathe art but in reality it is like the last thing I get to do on my list. Tuesday and Thursday are my two big days if these days fall through so does the whole week.

Last Thursday I invested all my time in just cleaning brushes and my palettes. My theory in the past was to just buy new paint brushes when I ran out of clean ones. But instead of throwing brushes away I kept them and now I have a gazillion brushes and when I paint I use a gazillion brushes. So I’m trying to stand back and analyze my predicament. Clean up time should be short and sweet.
My whole way of thinking has changed. Although I am painting more and better my time to paint is less. I really don’t need a lot of time to paint. A solid one, two, three hours can be sufficient.

As for this Tuesday well everyone was out of the house which is unusual. As much as I wanted to busy myself. I stopped and got breakfast and a coffee with three creams. I just came back and enjoyed a nice solitaire breakfast for a change and caught up with some stuff. Sometimes my sanity is more important than my art.

It is late and I have been painting. The room smells of turpentine and oil paint and it is a welcoming smell. I have too many canvases in process and unfinished hence the name ‘almostfinnish’ and some that are just taking up space so I need to take serious measures to be able to differentiate from ‘has potential’ to ‘hopeless’. How many times in the past has an artist painted over their paintings???? Is there too many times?

One thing I don’t have is a shortage of supplies so if a few canvases end up in the trash I’ll be okay.

It’s spring break here for us. Ten days all together. So my quest is to try to finish up some paintings sitting in limbo.


Nothing gets left behind.

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I feel like I’m falling behind.   I have set some really great goals this year and have a whole year to implement them but my mind races and say its April already!!!  I don’t work very well under pressure that is why I did not go into commercial art. So I have to get past this I need to be relaxed and focused to paint. Distractions are my worst enemy.

I finished two paintings that have been weighing heavy on my mind successful or not they are done.

I finally started painting on a large canvas which is something have been wanting to do for some time.

The Granny painting still sits but is not too far from done and neither is my still life now that I look at it.

But as I write I sit in front of another unfinished painting a nocturnal night scene painting one that I enjoy very much even though it’s not finished. I just need to perfect it a little and straighten out the perspective in one of the buildings and then it’s done. So I have been sitting here for about an hour staring at it trying to figure out what exactly I’m going to do because I don’t want to muck it up. There are some really great areas in this painting that I don’t want to lose. I need a ruler… I’m cautious because I know I’ll go in there and want to rework the whole painting so I’m refraining from that. That is not what this painting needs it just needs a little attention not a lot. But once the creative process starts who know what will happen.

It’s little painting like this that detour me from staying on the straight and narrow path to where I need to go. It’s like nothing get left behind.  Is this good or bad?  I’m still progressing just at a different speed and it’s more like leap and bounds when I do go forward.

Nude figure drawings on display.

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photo by almostfinnish

It was a busy week. I have been working on my website.

My website has become more than just a place to show my art work but hopefully more of a place where people and galleries and potential customers can stop in see my work and visit the studio while here. I am adding a lot of new images, pages and trying to organize it so it makes more sense it has been constantly evolving and changing through trial and error.  

Framing my art work has been the undeterred thought this week. Frames are something that I already have but wanted to alter and enhance so I can present my work in a more finished format.  My thought earlier in a blog was a stainless steel looking frame I love that look. So I picked up three different color versions and tried them all out on samples of wood. After deciding on one I went ahead and painted a frame. You know it just did not have that pizazz that I was hoping for so I tried the frame out on an earlier series that I did and it seemed to work out better. I only wish I had thought of this during that show. Live and learn. So I went ahead and painted all these frames silver and will take plan a photo shot soon and will add to my site. Getting back to my series at hand although silver came in second gold won over all. So I went and painted all the frames gold like I had originally started and I’ll tell you it did make a big difference and a better picture over all check it out for yourself and tell me what you think at my website.          http//  

I was determined this week to sign and take photographs of all my old figure drawings that I have hanging up around the studio or just stored in the basement. I have such a problem with signing my work if I died tomorrow I would leave no painting legacy. Just sign the damn things and be done with it. Signing them means that there finished, complete or at least resolved. Some of the drawings are deteriorating but there still very nice. I have great respect whenever I see homes that have figure drawings on display somewhere within the rooms.

My goal is to get my art work out of my studio and on display in galleries, coffee shops, martini bars, libraries and more avenues on the internet. There are a lot of spaces available and that are free. I regret that a lot of places take advantage of artists and charge them for displaying their work but that’s a blog for another day.