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I was painting my Scruples?

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I framed this piece today I’m trying to decide if the gold goes with this odd color combination…or not?

After a time of taking a lot of photographs for my series ‘Behind the Curtain’ and other photo’s of interest that went into a different direction. I began to paint some small acrylic paintings using some of the photo’s as a reference and inspiration. This is one. This was my cat named Scruples who was my faithful companion for over ten years. She was named after the book by Judith Krantz. She was a one person cat but when my daughter was born her maternal instincts kicked in too so she was always there and very concerned until she started crawling of course. So it is nice to have these photos and paintings although she is gone now cat heaven we say.

I keep leaning toward the abstraction. I want it complicated enough and simple enough so it catches the curiosity and brings the viewer closer. Abstraction is harder than I ever thought it to be. So I do a combination of both abstraction as we see things and how we might think we see things. Art and the creative process what’s your process?


The cat behind the curtain.

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This is one picture of a series of photographs that I took during a time when I had stopped drawing for a while and took up the camera. 

This series of photographs is called ‘Behind the Curtain’. It’s a subjective approach about cats broken down to its most simplest form and enhanced by all elements that intervene to shroud the subject. Subtle transparencies emerge and shadows distort but the work is not about clarity but reality. The pictures bring the viewer closer to what exactly is present and in original form. The perception is geared toward the cat but the viewer keeps coming back to the curtain as the light intensifies, flattens and solidifies the curtain.The curtain stands alone with its subtle folds, elegant drapes and soft patterns. Even though we can’t get past the curtain the cat is still identifiable.

Reminds me of The Scream by Edvard Munch.

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The red dress…This is a painting that I did some time ago and it still remains to be my favorite.

It was during a transition time for me when my life took a different direction. More importantlyI started painting. 

this painting remains a bit of a mystery. A moment in time.

This is a small 11″ x 14″ expressionistic acrylic painting. It is loosely executed.  This might look like a sad painting but it’s meant to be courageous. For sale $350.00.

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I am a big fan of Malcolm T. Liepke.

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I am working on getting some good camera shots of my art work. I try and try but a photograph never captures everything that’s in a painting. So I’m trying to think outside the box by doing combination shots of my art work, art in public spaces and reflective color to enhance the colors that be. My goal only to portray my art work in its truest form.  Not watered down or over exposed but just as it is seen under the most complimenting light ever. You know how when were out and about and there is this ambient light giving everyone a youthful glow that’s the light. Ambient light can be found  in the mid morning and late afternoon a notable fact that was brought to my attention and works out wonderful when taking photos outdoors.

 So while I’m doing this I am also thinking about framing. In the past I have been encouraged to go wider in my frames a minimum of at least 2.5”. I am also interested in spray painting my frames either gold and or a stainless steel  look which is very much the trend. I love stainless steel I’d do my whole kitchen like that if I could well not my kitchen because I don’t cook but I hang out and try to pay attention and open the wine if the meal calls for it.

 I am a big fan of Malcolm T. Liepke and I came across an artist of interest on twitter which brought me to facebook where I also found Malcolm and some of his art works ‘framed art works a must see.’ I added the link but I think you have to be a friend to see.!/Arcadiagallery          

Seeing his work is a pleasure but seeing them framed as such was even more inspiring. This is exactly what I’ve been trying to do for some time now. Usually no matter how much I prepare for a show framing is like the last thought and something I do the night before the show. So I’m trying not to repeat history.

The digital world is it exciting or intimating?

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I struggle as an artist almost a needless struggle.

I don’t know, do I set my goals too high? (no).

 I have a hard time finishing a painting (maybe)

 I’m not computer savvy enough to just jump into some things that I want to start (unfortunately yes).

Not confident enough to just start the camera and make my own artist video without direction (not going to happen).

I think I spend a lot of my time and my life pulling back on the reins. When I’m scared it makes sense but when I’m not it’s just frustrating.

My ex said something to me once that I will always remember   “I never say no anymore because that just fuels your fire and makes you more determined to do it.”

My question was why would he not want me to do it?

I took a break from painting last week and worked on my website.

I finally found that Chicago gallery that I was interested in and am trying to decide my presentation as I make a slide show. There is so much to take into consideration this is my elevator speech which I write over and over again in my head.

In the past I have walked in with my art work or made an appointment and then walked in with my art work but now the world of digital is hitting closer to home.

Is it exciting? yes and intimidating? definitely.

I love my digital camera!  Although I have not said goodbye to my rebel 35mm camera yet nothing compares to digital. I can delete the bad ones. I am almost guaranteed at least one good picture and if not with some inexpensive software I can crop, enhance and re-size in an instant. I can browse, upload and tag my images.

It’s been a big year for me. I understand the computer better, the Internet and photo-shop. Although I was given a needed push. Which is the secret to ones success.

Next stop the windy city.

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Almostfinnish now has a painting on display at the Last Drop of Coffee. A nice spacious high ceiling on the corner coffee spot in the most perfect part of town.  Parking available bring laptop. So I have art work in two establishments now and I am eyeing a third but today is Monday and nothing is open around here on Mondays it’s a weird concept I just go along with it.

 I was looking into Chicago galleries and found one that was looking for artists. I thought I’d start there before making a lot of phone calls. I have been interested in showing in Chicago for some time.  The windy city is not too far from here and I’ve been there several times on the train and was designated driver twice so I kind of know my way around in case I get lost like they say what the difference between being lost and exploring.

I learned that from my sister Julie together we have been lost more times than not, had car problems in the middle of nowhere, keys locked in the car at least twice not to mention running out of gas and leaving the lights on returning to a dead battery. I always thought I was being tested for something but what? One time we spontaneous took a trip to Minneapolis to see our new niece and a storm hit Wisconsin on the way up and even though there were semi trucks in the ditch she got us there in one piece. I always wished I was more like her you know carefree until I was sitting shot gun.

Tomorrow I Paint.

I penciled myself in for the morning.

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Well it was Monday when I started this blog. Spring is in the air and the snow and ice is dripping off roofs. We don’t have as much snow as they do out east but we have our share and proud of it but cabin fever is kicking in and so is spring cleaning.

I entered that contest called 3rd Ward submitted three images and artist statement. Looking at the previous artists and works NY is not looking for Midwest art so I’m thinking that my work is off the wall enough for one to consider. Saving my conservative pieces for around here.

I found another coffee shop looking for an artist and works and has a wall space open with my name on it. I need to get there sometime before 10:00 or after 3:00 and it sounded like a simple task at first. I am planning to go tomorrow Thursday between preschool and afternoon conferences. There’s no storybook theatre scheduled and my husband doesn’t have an appointment until later so I penciled myself in for the morning.  And this pretty much is how my story goes.

I’ve been working on finishing some of my still life’s. The picture I intentionally distorted for fun while photographing is 28″ x 38″ oil painting. I like incorporating wine bottles in my still life’s a cliche yeah but it never bores me to see. Although the still life is long gone now I am trying to finish it from a photograph. I think Cezanne when I look at it because he was always a favorite of mine. I am enjoying the monumental size and color combination I chose. When I finish I may have a chance to show it at a local winery here called Wine Cellars. I am always looking to see where my next painting can go and my studio is no longer a choice. 

At the last minute here I entered in The artist’s Magazine there 27Th annual art competition. I had this one in the back of my mind and just came across it by luck. I don’t normally do these competition but I thought I would try some out this year and just see what happens. I have a really good feeling. Wish me luck!