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I love the smell of turpentine as it lingers in my studio.

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I rummaged through some old paintings today. I get inspiration when I see these works how there so fresh, new, and spontaneous. I see the freedom that came with painting what ever was presented right there in front of us. We did the best that we could or knew at the time. The art instructor would walk around looking like Wyatt Earp helping us to paint, to see and understand when areas were working or not. The thick smell of  turpentine and oil paint saturated the room instilling a memory forever.                                                                                       


Great expectations

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I painted this week and the time was not short and succinct like usual but long and enjoyed checking the clock only in amazement that the alarm was still set. The creative process always surprises me.

I dropped off some paintings at a local coffee shop Tuesday they had room for two pieces for 2-3 months and will call me to rotate the work unless they sell first. It was one of those spontaneous decisions to go there where I had not showered and was wearing a pair of ripped jeans. I have been told that’s the way I’m suppose to look you’re an artist. As artists do we sometimes live by different rules?

I love this line ‘What could it mean that picture of the world. But when it’s true, we recognize it in ourselves, in others. We recognize it, like love, completely undeserved.  ‘From the movie: Great Expectations. He’s in New York and the curator tells him to paint something or go back home.

This is going to be a significant year for me.

I have this artistic and personal freedom.

My goal is and always was to have a paragraph written about me in the art history books.

I have a plan and through this blog it will unveil step by step the life of one artist.

What the modernists rejected can we get back?

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I’m blogging because of a comment I got lately from a realistic artist about Jackson Pollack and his drip paintings. I am an artist well trained and I am fairly knowledgeable with art history or at least interested enough to check out my facts and read into it some more. I felt the need to write more than just a reply about the discipline and undisciplined of individual artists.

My concern is not what the Modern artists did like Pollock or Picasso but my issue is with what the MODERNISTS did? And who were they? The fact of the matter is you don’t become aware of things until they relate to you once you start having kids you start thinking more about the family unit, traditions, and of course religion.

In retrospect it was during the 20Th century that they believed if it was not modern it will be rejected. So what did they do? They rejected traditional forms of art, architecture, literature, religious faith, and social organization ( like the family).

I have issues with some of the above.

I understand that art is a reflection of our society and our life. and that art, science, and history have this universal connection.  It couldn’t be more true today than ever.

So my question is what do we do as 21TH century artists to turn it around and bring back what the modernists took away (or rejected). Are we past the point of no return as a society and is the theory that we are not evolving but degenerating coming true.

Brice Marden respectfully copied.

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Brice Marden the artist did a pose like this for an ART news magazine.  Having great respect for him I tried to reposed this picture using myself as the artist. This is a tribute to him and all that he did to the art world and to artists that followed.”Working on these paintings, there’s always an idea which is an ideal. It’s always impossible… But I think every time, maybe, I just get closer to some impossible thing… ”   Brice Marden

Brice Marden was a Minimalist painter. He worked with these amazing color combinations. The first series that caught my attention was the  “Annunciation” series in 1978.  Five paintings where the artist tried to interpret the various stages of the virgin Mary response to the archangel Gabriel. Then there were the paintings that followed using the tau cross as a motif that emphasized the suffering, agony and death of Christ. The paintings were done with a mixture of beeswax and oil. He worked with two three and then four single color panels joined vertically or horizontally together and he would create these subtle color combinations using greens, blues, reds,and blacks. I was lucky to see him talk at The Milwaukee Art Museum during the late 90’s while I was attending school.

Picasso sucks!

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I laugh every time as I remember that line from the Jackson POLLOCK movie “Picasso sucks!” I was so surprised that someone would have the audacity to say that about Picasso.

Pollock overturned tables of tradition and old ideas with his drip paintings and he opened the possibility of freshness.

It’s noteworthy that one of Pollock  paintings No. 5, 1948 was auctioned off at record sales of 140m more than any Picasso or Van Gogh.

” The strangeness will wear off and I think we will discover the deeper meanings in modern art. “Jackson Pollock

My question is:  Was his self destructive nature necessary? Did it add to the creative process and validity of  his art work????  

“In the world of modern art is sadness a given.”