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Preparations for an artist video or an I spy game.

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My goal today was to organize my studio and add elements that I love to see but only enjoy in magazines. Why because I’m working on a artist video of my art, the process I go through and what I am really about as an artist. The first time around was not successful and the background was lacking in interest or I should say my art work but never giving up and thanks to a promising film maker it’s being scheduled for shooting once again.

So first I had to get everything off the floor because I know that takes away your energy and it has been weighing heavy on my mind. I organize the books in the bookcases. I have  many books some half read, most are art books, and some are just brilliant. They are encased in a three tiered mission style bookcase and was custom made by my husband. I remember asking for a bookcase and after a month of hardly seeing him he came up with this monstrosity as it sits and divides my studio from another room designed and usable from both sides. Not one for things and trinkets but I like those things that are useful, practical and have an artistic curiosity about them.  I have this wine bottle holder on the very top to the left and across from it to the right is a pear holder with a similar style and thought in mind. In between sits a tan world globe. Below all this is a Whistler portrait and another artist named Gentileschi. There are many shelves to display things everything is carefully selected. From a miniature tripod, to a tee ball award, to unique coasters, a staple gun, to business cards and  little sculptures that were hand made by our little artists, enchanted boxes, marbled paper weights and lastly camera  lenses, parts and old antique picture frames and pictures.

I have many notebooks and notes to go through. I cross off  lists as I go along. I have accomplished many things as far as lists go. As I sort I realize I don’t  have a lot of things. I have a basket full of misc. items and a pile of misc papers to read and some Cd’s and last I have a computer bag with important papers and letters that is stashed on the side.

The biggest clutter here in my studio are my paintings so I have to removed many and bring them downstairs to my other studio in the basement along with misc. frames which I like to collect. I bring up two big paintings by request one I hang up right away in my studio the other I have sitting sideways with “new painting” written all over it. It’s 40″ x 56″ and I know exactly what I want to do with it but am still working out the bible story in my head.  I transfer  two large paintings from my studio to the TV room which is still in seeing distance from here and am surprised at how it adds to the dynamics of the room. I put some prints I have behind glass and are now displaying them. My favorite is a George Bellows from ‘The Eight’ . Granny’s painting is still on the easel and still in process. A lesser known is on the other easel. A mission style chair holds my mirror when I work. and there is a red cart for all my art supplies. The cart hold my palettes and many vases of brushes. I have a paint box full of oil paints yet I am waiting and in need of more umber.

I still need to vacuum, clean my palettes and my dreaded paint brushes. As I look around I am not sure if I’m preparing the room for a video or an I Spy game.

10 things I need to do instead of finishing my painting.

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1)     Blogging

2)     Checking out art competitions for 2010.

3)     Watching Martha Stewart.

4)     Working on my outline for my upcoming artist video.

5)     Fighting the temptation from starting my next painting.

6)     Resizing images to a PNG format for my Cafe Press art store.

7)     Reading emails and passing along the good ones.

8)     Watching the news cover the story about the earthquake in Haiti.

9)     Refraining from the urge to go shopping

10)   Looking for the car keys that seem to be missing