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The excitement comes and goes in painting.

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I’m really excited about my painting that I am working on at this time. I have pushed it passed the point of no return and brought the painting to a level where anyone whose looking at it understands what’s going on and where it’s going. There are different moments of excitement that occur in a painting, seriously painting can be such manual labor whereas it gets mundane, boring, and tedious so it is at this point one has to remember the fireworks, and spontaneity and why you started painting in the first place otherwise paintings will just sit and never get finished.

When I first start a painting after the conceptual ideas are placed there is a joy of  just covering the white canvas half hazardously with cool and warm blues and variations of sienna’s and umber’s that in the end nothing is left uncovered and it all gives way to space and composition and form a real raw under painting of what it’s going to look like when it’s done. It looks rough at this stage but not to an artist this is where decisions are made and changes are implemented it’s fun, new and exciting. This is a segway into visually determining what really matters what”s the value scheme, shadows and where’s the light and seeing and knowing  how this is going to set the whole composition of the painting. Although you need to paint what you see over all, detail is not so important at this stage except as maybe a smug or a blurb. Unexpected things come into play here and I always ask myself where did that come from? So as a licenced artist I make these decisions intuitively and intellectually knowing what is best for the painting as for what to keep in and what to omit or what color to change. Tough decisions from my perspective but it’s all about painting what you see, what you think and what you know so changes can happen.

Checking and rechecking that the shapes and lines are where there suppose to be in reaching distance of one another to the right, left, north or south can get tedious and keeping my attention can be frustrating and keeping my chair occupied hard because I can think of a million things that I should be doing right now so if I can just be persistent and concentrate during this process I’ll get it done and move on. Once I have this area secured problems are less likely to happen like distortions.

The paint is next now that I’ve laid the foundation with the under painting keep in mind I’m not here to cover up the under painting  I am only here to add to the painting this is not secondary this is where it all begins this is where it comes to life. This is where the magic happens and it’s fun once again. This is a process I do in my paintings although some artists don’t go this route and just go straight to laying down color but both ways are acceptable and very successful. It’s a personal preference I have been trained to paint both ways and depending on the painting I may do things differently. Another thing is that some artist draw first and then paint second whereas some just start painting from the start. The question may be are you a painter or a drawer? But it’s all good there is no right or wrong process I’ve seen it all done many many diferent ways although it brings up a lot of discussion that as artists we can talk about for hours. 

To continue I add paint and I mold this three dimensional form onto a two dimensional canvas knowing in the end when it’s finished when it’s right and every area of the canvas is working together well and nothing else can be done. There’s this excitement of knowing it’s finished Some will say their muse showed up, others will chalk it up as talent but if we are wise we know we are only an instrument of God and only hope to do it again and only better.


Painting mud

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     I paint best when I am all alone with no distractions. I need that quiet time to transition from left to right brain which is the secret to everything. Once I get into that mode I can paint forever. Now having said that I always need a timer set to remind me of anything else scheduled for the day or I’ll  paint right through any engagement. This just comes with losing track of time and being lost in the creative process which I work so hard to get to this point so it’s frustrating sometimes to have to stop. If I can’t get this quiet time I do struggle while painting and I don’t have much fun or success in the end and I usually end up painting what I call mud. We don’t always get what we want so it is best to work around what we have. I can become pretty oblivious to what’s going on around me just so long as no one tries to talk to me. I think all artist have obstacles to overcome and the will to paint has to be stronger. The hardest part sometimes can be my own thoughts that are a distraction and I have to quiet myself. I need to remind myself to be silent so I can see and it’s only then that I can paint and paint well.  So as a reminder I need to address and resolve issues before I start working so my mind is clear and not somewhere else. Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards a book that helped me look at the world differently. I think anybody can learn to draw but to see now that’s a gift.

I’m a painter not a writer.

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I’m a painter not a writer.

I believe Conversation enriches the understanding but solitude is the school of genius.

                                              Edward Gibbon

I can never eloquently articulate into words what I am thinking and painting.

No matter how profound it might be even in a rough stage I can’t find the words to speak so instead I leave them unsaid in an endless pile of journals sitting in my studio.

I really have a lot to say. I’m learned in religion, politics and art. I like to talk about the mundane and the obvious. I enjoy conversation with coffee and or a glass of wine. I like getting deep. I like talking factual.

My goal here in starting this blog is that I’m in search of my voice.