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Returning to my childhood

Posted in Uncategorized on August 26, 2009 by almostfinnish

              I went back the other day with my sister to see the old homestead where we grew up all seven of us. I took some pictures and reminisced with the new owners. After thirty years it has changed some but the memories are still there. It was all about our dreams, our adventures, and just growing up. Singing hill road was a hilly winding gravel road that took us everywhere we needed to be. In the mornings we would start out on some well planned direction that was mapped out and calculated to a tee usually while I was in the bathroom. I was the youngest which meant nothing. The remember the day before it was the swamps and they weren’t too sure who would return. This is where my story begins the age of youth, naive and capable of anything, confident and strong with little knowledge of fear and or time. In the middle of nowhere surrounded by endless trees, swamp, and farmland we would venture out on some sort of expedition. As I reminisced I looked around in delight.

             I  came back here to get some creative inspiration for my next set of paintings although  I was only ten years old when we left the memories are somewhat ambiguous and fleeting but enduring. The thought of going back into my past came about while doing some research for a portrait I was planning to do for the local library. I learned that the founder of the library was the same person who built the castle and the atrium that we would visit and explore often if not everyday in my youth. To conclude my research is somewhat of a serendipity. When and why do we have this need to reconnect to our past?

2009 08 26_2352_edited-1

            The castle still stands…
It really wasn’t a castle but it was more than we could imagine it to be. When you stumble upon something like this when your a kid and your out in the middle of nowhere all you have to go on is your instincts and your first impression what else do you need.