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Internet going places where no artist has gone before

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I was told if you want to be a great artist go to New York City, but the way it looks now you don’t have to go to New York City, the world can come to you. Virtual galleries and virtual art shows are the vehicle of the future. There is a lot of good information covered in this book. As Artists we are all at different stages in our careers and in our lives I’m writing this as it unfolded for me. What I have recorded here is what I discovered and learned and I want to share this information with people who are interested in becoming a successful artist, it’s valuable for everyone who wants to get exposure as an artist on the internet. The internet is the future. It has not been around as long as one may think. A successful internet business has been around maybe seven years not very long when you really think about it. The internet is still new and cutting edge.

Here’s a place where artists are coming together, talking, sharing their ideas and creativity. A new movement, a universal global salon, all you have to do is log on and your there. Easy! Come visit


Hello world!

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